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MaTT [TiK]

Phased Surface Scan and Defrag

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I've searched the web and can't find anything. Does anyone know of any decent programs (that'll run in Win98SE) that can do gradual hard disk surface scans or defrags?

I'd like either something that runs on start-up or as a screen saver and scans and/or defrags my hard disk a bit at a time, remembering where it got to the last time, the idea being that it scans/defrags the whole hard disk over time, but I don't have to leave the computer on over night and come back in the morning to find it still hasn't finished and I can't use the bastard until it has :)

It would be helpful if it could do multiple drives, as I have two hard disks.

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you can try this
it has hard drive scanning tools, drive fitness test and a whole shitload of other tools. i dont think it defrags, but you could make a DOS bootable disk with defrag added to it, if you use win98 or FAT32 file system.

if you use windows 2000 or XP just turn off background programs and run its defrag.

the windows 2000 and XP defrag are so much better and less time consuming. also NTFS doesnt fragment as bad as FAT32. i think it never takes long to defrag my windows 2000 drive, 40GB with NTFS.

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