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couple n00b questions

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first, what's probably the best for a n00b when it comes to adding new textures? i tired out xwe, but i cant figure out how to convert things into a PATCH to put in the texture lump, which is what im assuming has to be done

also, is it possible to include a countdown timer, so after a certain amount of time the player drops dead? i don't really know how to do anything except the self explanatory things in Doom Builder, and what i can understand from the pdf guide for it

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Frankly I think XWE is the easiest to use for that stuff. All you have to do is right-click on your intended texture and select "Add to PATCHES", then right-click again and select "Add to TEXTURE". Make sure that the image is located between P_START and P_END markers.

As far as timers, you must do one of the following:

a) Use a source port that allows some kind of scripting
b) use an editing trick like voodoo doll with crushing ceiling and barrels

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cool got the texture working...thanks

ill probably forget the counter...i was only gonna do it if i could do it fairly easily since it's not going to really effect the gameplay at alli

im doing a half-comedy wad about a pizza delivery boy..so it would be 30 minutes or less, and theres really no way the map would take 30 minutes unless you just stopped where you were and went to eat lunch or something lol

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You could probably do that if you were to learn ZDoom and scripting. (I've never done much ACS but it seems like it would be easy enough to do)

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Amaster said:

Make sure that the image is located between P_START and P_END markers.

p_start and p_end actually aren't necessary for patches since they all need to be in the PATCHES lump which is how doom looks them up. p_* is there for cosmetic purposes really.

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