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Halloween wad!!! Looking for Help!

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Hey guys!

My name is Kirby, and I come from the Zdoom forums. I have recently started work on a project dubbed "The Halloween wad". It is currently underway, but the mapping proccess has not yet begun. We are looking for more people to help with mappping, creating new sprites and decorations. For info, go to http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=3664&sid=f52f3ad4f451eb0983bac1276b56763a
This sign up dates are from Oct.18-31 and the wad will be released on the 31st!!!

All help is appreciated!!

Kirby <("<)

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I should probably point out two little problems:

1. If you want it released on the 31st you should get it in before that day. The 31st does happen to fall on a day when the /newstuff chronicles come out, but you need to get it in Friday or Saturday to get it reviewed that day (I've learned this the hard way).

2. One person a day mapping? Aside from the fact that you can't totally count on people to pass the wad when they should be, it would be really hard to map like this. I know I wouldn't be able to help changing other portions of the wad if I were doing one, and I wouldn't be very inspired by someone else's work (unless it kicked tons of ass, which unfinished maps don't often do).

More planning is required, methinks. Also, it wouldn't have hurt to start a couple weeks ago. :-/

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If could have found more people, them MAYBE I would have started earlier, but I don't have enough people to do that. As for the turning in the map on Sat. I probably will now. I'm considering that no one has the 31st spot anyways, so I probably don't have to worry. Aside frpm that, I can also submit it to the 3dgamers archive and also have someone post it on their site (or mine).

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