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Deus Review

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Everyone who'd like to comment my reviews is welcome. :-) It would help me to improve my reviewing style and to exchange opinions about the .WADs I review with other people. Just send me an e-mail or write your opinions in the comments of the Doomworld news dealing with my reviews.

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Deus Vult was deffinately an interesting wad, and a massive effort for a new mapper. I guess I'm just not that big a fan of million monster firefights. The architecture was nice in some places though, but the title screen was bad... I think something other than an NES contra screengrab would have worked better.

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@ Vedge: You are right: "Deus Vult" is an exceptional work, especially if you consider that it is the first .WAD by Huy "Converted Doomer" Pham! :-o I am not either a great fan of overcrowded .WAD: but, after all, this is a great challenge for every Doomer, even if you don't like such kind of levels! ;-) As for the titlepic, you are right too: it is quite bad! :-p But who cares?! ;-) The .WAD itself is high-quality, of course! :-)

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