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jDoom on LAN

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OK, me and a friend of mine want to play jDoom (Doomsday 1.8.2) via LAN. In the control panel in the game there's no option for selecting a connection... please tell me what to do!

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1. Create an autoexec.cfg file in your JDoom directory.
2. For tcp/ip protocol you would add the following lines to your autoexec.cfg (changing the player name, server name/info, and tcpip address to your own):

n_plrname yournamehere
n_servername yourservernamehere
n_serverinfo yourserverinfohere
net init tcp/ip
net server open

n_plrname yournamehere
n_color 0
net init tcp/ip
net tcpip address xxx.xx.xx.xxx
net connect yourservernamehere

3. Now when you launch JDoom it will automatically load the info from your autoexec.cfg

4. In the game choose multiplayer and change the game settings to your liking. You will notice that you are already listed up top in the Limbo Mode screen... anyone else can join now via your address.

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Thanks fodders.

Sorry to ask this, I'm a complete novice at networking: how do I find out my own ip address?

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1. Click the Start menu button on the Windows taskbar.

2. Click Run... on this menu.

3. Type cmd in the text box that appears. A command prompt window launches on the desktop.

4. In this command window, type ipconfig /all. Details are shown for each of the computer's network adapters. Computers installed with VPN software or emulation software will possess one or more virtual adapters.

5. The IP Address field states the current IP address for that network adapter.

6. The Physical Address field states the MAC address for that adapter.

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