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Napalm Back on track

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A while ago some of you might remember a Vietnam war mod
called Napalm. well its back and its using edge-26 so its up to date,

ages ago I released a beta for Napalm not many of you played it because it was crap. But soon i'm planing to release a demo mission or 2.


-New Features of Napalm-

New weapons Grfx- based on weapons from the the war.

New textures- to make the battlefield you will fight
on alot more belif-able.

Heavy RTS scriting on all levels- Air strikes, radio messeges updating objectives and loads of ambience

3 Diffrent episodes, Tours 1&2 and skirmishs

Ai marines- that all have diffrent features,
the medic if you walk up to him, he will heal you.
M16 marines start stationery ready to pick of cooks
in a ambush, but if you walk up to him he will follow you, and you can interact with other charcters

Lots of diffrent types of enemys- All with new gfxs

HEY THE ABOVE AN'T BULLSHIT its already been done.
except for the levels of course!

Screenshots soon
website not soon!
New release 1-2 weeks

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this is the details from the Napalm TXT about the AI marines,



There is 4 (more are planed) diffrent types of Friendly AI Units In Napalm each have they own pros & cons to remember when fighting along
side them.

Also all marines have diffrent features, to activate a feature just walk up to the marine and he will respond with a YES SIR! There will also be a message come up on the screen saying the action he is about to performe.

M16 Marine- Us Marine from your squad armed with
----------- M16A1 assult rifle.

Pros- will cover you, fast, there GOOD shots

Cons- Not enough firepower to stop swarms of troops.

Feature-FOLLOW MODE / this enables the marine to follow you about.

M60 Marine- Us Marine that is stationery but has an M60
----------- Machine gun

Pros- Good Firepower, turns Vc's into shit with his m60

Cons- Don't move so are sitting ducks for artillery.

Feature-NONE / None planed so far!

Law Marine- Us Marine armed with a M-72 LAW + m16.

Pros- powerful weapon, Great against tanks :)

Cons- when in LAW MODE he's Shit against infantry!

Feature-LAW MODE / Marine gets his M-72 Law out and is now stationary.

Medic Marine- Us Marine armed with M16 and has a Medikit

Pros- Has an m16 so he can defend himself, Medikit to heal you

Cons- Not good against lots of infantry.

Feature-HEAL / Medic will stop fighting and heal you.


Radio Marine- US Marine with M16 and has a Radio

Pros- M16 to kill off infantry AND a radio to call in fire missions

Cons- When calling in a Fire Mission you have to be close also he cannot fight so you have to protect him.

Feature-FIRE MISSION / Radio man will call in a Fire Mission. (no shit)

Demolition Marine- Us Marine with M16 and has Demolition
------------------ expertise :)

Pros- Can fight along side normal infantry, his Explosive are powerful.

Cons- Takes time to set explosives, have to be protected.

Feature-PLANT EXPLOSIVES / Demolition man will plant high explosives.

there you go a description of all the Marines done & Planed.

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