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The Ultimate Soldier - FanFic

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Here's a short story I've written that's not Doom related, but it is based of another (somewhat obscure) FPS game called Gore. Basically the purpose for writing this was as a filler for all the papers we had to write my last freshman year (Come up with a new idea for something to write twice a week? Why not just start a continuous story and turn in small parts of it every time :P). Anyway it served its purpose of getting a good grade, but I thought sharing with people would be better then letting it rot on my harddrive.

The story is divided into chapters, and each chapter is basically just two pages. Chapter 3 has an extra revision by changing the perspective to first person, as it was another writing assignment for school. Chapter 7 is only half-finished as I've started writing new parts for it this year just for fun. Here's the story so far:


If the doc format is a problem I'll change it to something else, but that's how I wrote them for school. And I welcome comments and criticisms as this is basically the only story I've written this long for my own enjoyment, so I'd like to know what others think. :)

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