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My maps from Ye Olden Days

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Welcome, all. I may be relatively new to these forums but I've been around Doom for almost 10 years on and off, though I'm back from a long heitus of Starcraft editing to finish up some maps and stuff I started/have-yet-to-start from way back when.

Anyway, since I'm a normally impatient person then consider this my "Hello" thread, and I'll get to the point. I made a series of maps a while ago (including an incomplete one for the 10 sector contest awhile ago) that I did when I was younger, but never had the motivation or gumption to follow through and finish, even though I had them almost entirely completed anyway. You can see the screenshots of them at my old webpage (which I no longer update... I plan to redo it better sometime soon and get rid of all the asinine personal stuff).

Here's what I need. I currently lack the motivation and time to finish these maps at the moment, so rather than letting them sit in my backup folders to rot I'm wondering if anyone might be interested in bringing to release-worthy quality. It won't be a very hard thing to do, since the layouts are almost 100% complete, so it'll be just a matter of adding monsters, cleaning up minor bugs (shouldn't be too many), polishing things (though there's not a lot left to polish IMO), and just making sure it all works in general.

If anyone is interested (must be at least somewhat advanced at map making, and you'll see why when you see the maps), then please let me know. Thanks a bunch!

P.S. I might ask to see at least one of your maps before handing it out, just to be sure. I'd otherwise post the map right now in this thread, but I'm no stranger to map stealing from back in my Starcraft days, but I don't know the kind of people in the Doom community well so I may just be paranoid about such a thing.

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Map stealing? Who would bother. I don't think anyone is that low around here. I've not heard of such a thing in this community.

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I wouldn't think so either, but I try not to make assumptions.

Anyway, having any luck with the page itself? Someone told me they couldn't download the pics for some reason, so I'm just wondering.

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Shat! The pics won't load. Well no pics, and no replies anyway.

Ok I guess I'll have to finish them on my own, if ever I'll get to manage that.

Whoevers mod here can go ahead and close this.

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