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Id-software fansite

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Hierbij wil ik even zeggen aan de nederlandstalige bezoekers
dat er een id-software fansite online is gegaan.
er is nog heel veel werk aan... maar het is beter als niets
fouten, sugesties mag je gerust door mailen



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OK, let me do what Disorder did in the General forum and translate this. There's a new id Software fansite, it's in Dutch, and you can mail this guy your suggestions.

Personally, I think you're not missing much.

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I will write in English so everyone can read and understand this because otherwise someone has to translate it again :)

Thanks Geerdy2000 for your site, its fun to have a place where dutch people can get info about Id related stuff.

Personnaly I dont mind having a dutch Id software site because i've always watched the other great sites like doomworld because there very up todate and fun to read.

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