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Now for Some Mod Time

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I saw this earlier, and I'd be more excited about it, if I could program. Alas! This really means nothing to me, but I'm hoping to see some cool mods come out of it.

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I like the Dawn Of The Dead idea...

...though I think Land Of The Dead (Night Of The Living Dead 4) would be a much better base from the sounds of the script...

Also, yes a DOOM I and II remix would be awsome, infact I'd like to see someone re-invent the old DOOM enemies using the new model system.

Of course if I knew anything about coding beyond Fraggle Script, then I'd be all up for a Starwars project, but alas that would take years and years and years for me alone. Think I'll stick with DOOM Legacy. :)

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Granted, it is now time for "Exile Chapter 1: The Imbalance". A small single player campaign based on the future super civilization of humans in another galaxy when the power of good and evil has become unbalanced on a supernatural level. It takes place some 15 million years in the future. Far fetched and insane... So I'm in. It's something Im going to try and impress with and will take probably awhile to complete, at the moment I only have 2 people with me! My buddies from ITT! Minion and Darth Entice! It will be what our imaginations cant conceive so I hope Doom III's tech will atleast give me the ability to make it half of what I want it to be.

Star Wars and Riddick killer!

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mystery8 said:

Star Trek Doom 3!
Oh no, lawyers off the starboard bow! They're firing DMCA torpedoes!


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