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Running the Linux demo with the full pak files

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I wonder how I can run Doom 3 on Linux. I own all the needed paks, I downloaded the Linux demo v. 1.1 and I just wonder how making it run with all the paks, as if I installed the game from the CDs. I tried to copy them where the demo.pk4 is but doom 3 refuses to validate only the last pak file (it says that the archive is corrupted).
Note: I had to unpack the file with "--tar xf", if not my /tmp partition was too small :( ; and then I installed it from the freshly untarred setup.sh.

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Why are you using the linux demo? There is a regular linux binary available that will work with the retail version. The demo executable is no doubt intended to work with the demo pak only. Since they're both free, just grab the right one.

EDIT: At the time of this writing, idsoftware's own ftp site is being hammered with SDK download requests, hence the link to fileshack.

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OK, thanks.

EDIT: Whoa, I’ve just downloaded it via bittorrent in a few seconds.

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