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Half Life 2 has gone bling-bling

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I think what I was getting too is that each fanbase had different expectations to look forward too... and Doom3 had ALOT more. Half Life 2 could be just like Half Life 1 with better graphics and it would be a fun game. Doom is significantly older and thus has a MUCH larger scope of players. Old gamers who remember it being the first game they ever played deathmatch... or maybe the first "big" game ever while they were in college. These people revere Doom differently than people revere Half Life. Half Life set the stage for what all 3D shooters would become... story driven scripted event games. Doom meant so much more to people, and the breadth of ages would mean a breadth of expectations.

Linguica summed it up with his FailMath article... is Doom an action game with horror elements or a horror game with action elements. Id had TREMENDOUS expectations to meet, and I believe they tried to appease as many people as possible. Doom 3 is very action oriented game, classic doom action effects like gibbing, guys coming out of nowhere, traps surrounding items. The fact is, no matter what id did, a large fanbase of Doom was bound to be disappointed because they all encountered the original Doom differently and it meant something different to each of them.

Half Life, like I said, was the start of modern gaming, and just duplicating the same gameplay would probably result in a good game... very few people would be upset about Half Life 2 as long as it wasn't radically different. Half Life is not the radical game that doom was, and I think what I was trying to say before is that the younger age of Half Life players don't REMEMBER what gaming on computers was like before Doom. To gamers in the early 90s, I'm sure you remember playing Doom for the first time, and how stunned you were. Gaming environment had changed by 1998 when HL came out, and while the game paved the way for modern single player, it wasn't the leap that Doom was in 1993.

Interestingly, both predecessors have alot in common. Both represent a major change in gaming for their time, both survive only to this day because of their mods, and both are held highly in their respective generations hearts.

What I find interesting is that Doom 3 and Half Life 2 seem to both be trying to compete against their past than each other, and on some levels succeed and on others fail. Doom 3 is very much like the original in the major technological leap forward in graphics it represents, just like the original did... and swaths of people went out and upgraded and bought new computers for both. Half Life 2 is trying to change single player again like it's prequil did six years ago. Both fail however, because Doom 3 can never capture the same visceral emotion it did 11 years ago and is limited by the constraints of what people expect. Half Life 2 can never change Single player as radically as it did when the original was released, and may be gimmicky in trying to do so.

I think that's what I was trying to get at before.

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So in regards to the ATI voucher... it can be applied to the bronze package, or used as a monetary base to purchase a larger package? Am I correct?

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Veddge said:

So in regards to the ATI voucher... it can be applied to the bronze package, or used as a monetary base to purchase a larger package? Am I correct?

I belive it can be used with the silver and gold. Not sure about bronze. Maybe check the steam forums.

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