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Barista wad

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This game is very interesting but also very remniscient of a Doom competitor called Marathon. Just wondered if the terminals could be multi page and display pictures? Or if the terminal could display an automap view centered on a particular point? Cheers

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Marathon 2 was released for windows, and if you look around you can find the "M1A1" project which ports it to SDL for Windows...

It's nothing like Doom, though. Slower, and more reliant on story.

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I like both of these games. Marathon is a little slower but so is everything else in the game so its all good. Marathon is more reliant on story, but whoopee. Doom is more of an arcade game whereas Marathon had more depth and more environment. Doom is fun, but I would prefer more of an explanation for everything much like the director's cut of a DVD. Marathon is like a book on tape of sorts. I would like to see more games like this but like to take a break with Doom or Duke. Duke has its place halfway between Marathon and Doom. Marathon, to the best of my knowledge, is available for all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix and others). You can alter every facet of the game since it has been released under Gnu. Just visit source.bungie.org for more info. I was only asking the original question since Barista reminded me of this neat game.

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z34chris said:

i should stop quoting entire posts just to give a one-word reply

Doom is the best though...

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This is like simpsons vs south park vs chappelle show vs soft drinks vs malt beverages vs sports cars. :-)

Doom may not have had an assault rifle with built in grenade launcher that I have seen.(any mods though?) The rifle really kicked arse in multi-player games since bullets and grenades could both be fired at the same time from this weapon. I like both of the games but would like to see some sort of game that is like doom, duke and marathon put together that is as immersive as Myst. I could go on about every pro and con of any of these games, but they were all originally poducts in a catalog that sold and sold very well.

But really, please see the other thread :-)

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