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Sounds for video I'm creating...

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You know those Beturger sounds that play throught the game? I want them in WAV or something and make my video more badass and sweet.

Also, I want to know if theres a recording like feature in Doom 3. I was watching the screenssavers the other day, and they interviewed a Machinima guy. Kevin mentioned does this work for Doom 3 and the other guy said no but there is a recording feature, bulit in Doom 3. Now if so where can I find it? I took like millions of animated screenshots, taking up 5 MBs of space and figuring out the timelines in Windows Movie Maker.

If someone can point me out to it, I will give you a cookie.

I'm not sure which catergory this belongs it, I think this topic is fitting for this section.

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The game resource files (the pk4 files) are actually just zip files, so use winzip to open them and pull out the sounds you want.

As for recording video, you could use the built in feature, but I find FRAPS easier. You'll have to register if you want to remove shareware limits.


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