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Can someone point me to the section to make monsters strafe more often? I know it's in the .SCRIPT files but don't know where.

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I found this along the lines after that, what do I edit to change the alterations?

// if we can dodge either direction, pick one
				if ( attack_flags & ATTACK_DODGE_LEFT ) {
					if ( sys.random( 100 ) < 50 ) {
						attack_flags &= ~ATTACK_DODGE_RIGHT;
					} else {
						attack_flags &= ~ATTACK_DODGE_LEFT;
I want to increase the zsec guys/imp/maggot/wraith/revenant evasion rates.

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I haven't toyed with the def files much, but by common sense, I'd say edit the sys.random function and see if the % is increased. Try something like 100 < 90 etc.

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