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Total time of demo

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I'm not sure which forum this should go in but it's related to demoing so I'll just stick it here. For some reason prboom is not reporting the total time of my demo at the end of level 30 after defating the boss. I get a time of 3:02, 2 seconds higher than my actual level time, and i know it's not the time of my total demo because it's closer to 2 hours. I don't really want to go through the entire demo in doom2.exe to find out so I'm hoping there is some sort of utility to find out the running time of a demo, accurate to doom2.exe's result of course, and maybe even that of individual levels.

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If it is doom.exe compatible, then you can use LMP tools like LMPC to find the time.
the demo may also be timer.exe compatible and you can fastforward to the last map and see the time that way.
or you can post it and some hapless soul will gladly watch the demo and tell you what they find. (although I'm going to bed right now. :)

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