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Naked Snake

Are you a cheapskate?

How do you spend your money?  

44 members have voted

  1. 1. How do you spend your money?

    • I get what I need and maybe the occasional thing for me
    • I spend money all the time to the point of financial ruin
    • I spend quite a lot of money on what I enjoy
    • I am so cheap I`d give a stripper $1 and ask for change
    • I am unemployed

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None of those options suit me, so i didnt vote. But when going to a grocery store, i will look for Buy one get one or 2 free deals. I wont buy budget brand foods, yea, some are just as good, but the majority do taste different, they arent called budget brands for nothing ;) Other than that, yea im always looking for deals on any major purchase. I wont buy online, but i will search for the cheapest place to find what im looking for, than even travel a bit out of the way to get it, factoring in gas and everything. If its cheaper in the end, thats how i do it.

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Lüt said:

That's another thing, if I get a DVD player I know I'm never going to cease buying DVDs. I'm a sucker for any kind of special editions or import discs and I'd probably end up buying a load of movies I didn't even like just to have all the extras. Case in point, I've even considered buying Matrix DVDs O_o

Heh, I'm the exact same way. Whenever I get money into my hands I think "mmmm...Best Buy". If not DVDs, then CDs (I should learn to buy online, then I can actualy get what I want instead of some bleh mainstream crap), and I've been eyeing some electronics for quite a while (DVD player [both mine broke :(], small TV, GBA/SP, a whole new computer). Sadly, the stuff from Best Buy equals about 10% of what I want to get, but that store is just soooo tempting.

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I like to occaisionally spoil myself, but aside from that, I save.

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