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help me out!

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First of all, sorry in advance for my poor english.
I'm not a native speaker.

I've got a question regarding the second chapter of the single mission.
I've been ordered to find a scientist who headed off a old building by a sergent.
I found him and he suddenly became a very nice dude. :)
My mission objective was to come back to the first place.
I've killed every monsters who cut in my way.
But "I AM LOST!". The door I had been through before was broken.
Where I should go? What should I do?
Now I am a squirrel in a sieve-frame.

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my guess is that you are at the place where you have to activate a bridge. there is a panel on the left side where there is moving machinery. just push it and it should activate that bridge.

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Another hint is it's where a zombie crawled up the ladder from below at you...if you go down there you'll find some health, and armor shards. The panel is at the top of the ladder on the opposite side of the platform.

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