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I got the marine masked but...

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Not in the cinematics, is there a way to edit the cinematic marine so he has the helmet on and not with it off?

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The ones used in cinematics are different entities, and not the player entities. You'll have to edit the cinematic players the same way you did for the actual player entity.

So for example, you want to do this for the player cinematic in Recycling1 where he first meets the revenant, you'll have to open up pak002.pk4 and look for revintro_player2.md5mesh and edit the content there.

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How do I find out about the head, neck codes? For the head_marine_helment?

Look. I did not whatever way edit the player entity, I only looked in player.def file and looked for def_head and changed the head from there. Thats all I did.

And this is different from editing a def file, I need to know where to edit the head, and neck thanks.

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