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Doom without a scratch Final

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Well FINALLY I've completed my doom 2 Ultra Violence no damage movie :). It's the full 32 levels of mind numbing action done on ultra violence without taking a single scratch throughout the entire thing. It's over 2 hours long and I HIGHLY recommend that it be watched on at least x3 speed, if possible, unless you really find this crap exciting.

All I can be bothered to say, it's not quite the ending I'd expected to this project so I hope that you'll have more fun watching this than I do :P


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Opulent said:

I look forward to the last 6 levels. :)

Oddly enough I think the last levels are the fastest/best levels that I did, even though they are some of the harder levels

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That's odd; I could've sworn I made a reply to this thread yesterday. Anywho, as I said there, WOW! a full reality run-through as well as a sub-30 minute 30nm on the same day!! Awesome stuff. You should be proud of yourself -- the amount of work you seem to have put into this is massive.

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Kristian Ronge said:
the amount of work you seem to have put into this is massive.

Yeh it was a couple of months at about 1.5 hours a day I think, maybe 2 hours a day. I'm actually very tempted to try this again and get my time down ALOT by using more slowmo and redo parts more :)

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Btw, I've edited my post to change the location of the replay as I'm now hosting it off my ISP's space, instead of off my own computer. I'll be server from the old address for about another 24 hours

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