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Taboo Turf: The Awakened

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This is my very FIRST wad ever, and after about a year of work... its getting towards almost a part of the way done.
It uses zdoom (before zdgl because of gl capabilities and the inherent fog. but now its back to just basic zdoom.), with plenty of scripting and cinematic effects. I am working mainly on architechure so far, and I am planning on putting plenty of monsters from the new rescource wad in. There are screenies on WIP and here is the story (rough so far... it will get better):

They worshipped Him. That's the gist of it, and had we known it, that accursed plain would never had been settled upon. But we did not know. We were not aware of the ages old village beyond the mountain range. Their village. His plain. Our folly. Our doom.

The texts now say what they should have said long ago; that there was a tribe in those hills. A primitive, bloodthirsty, Black Art infested tribe. They worshipped G'Larthen that loathsome leviathen that awoke every century to copulate with the stars and spawn those Things. Those Things that eventually destroyed the tribe. Silence fell over those hills and that plain... years passed, aeons. Then we came. Us with our steel and electricity and multitudes and traffic. We built on the fertile ground, higher and higher we built, until a booming metopolis flourished there. Regret always comes too late.

Perhaps the only thing the thosands of people noticed that night was a glow in the nearby hills. Maybe a movement here, a shadow there. They are all dead now. Lucky bastards. The place was swarmed with those Things. Bent out of shape, the skyscrapers and building we built are now twisted to their own purposes.

I said they all died. I wish they had. Otherwise I would not be here, attempting a rescue based on the hope that those who sent the only distress signal would still be alive. Fools.

I begin to suspect what Their purpose is now...


Anyways thats the backstory, the rest being played out during the game. The level itself involves being set down in the hills, fighting your way through the tribes old forgotton villages and the tunnels beneath until you emerge upon a full-fleged modern city, with five skyscrapers and many smaller buildings, most of which you can enter. Then of course is the super-large final boss, as tall as the skyscrapers. I am attempting to make the whole thing have a Lovecraftian flavor (those who dont know what that means, SHAME on you! google his works and read and worship).

The issues I am facing now include:
-How to have 100 story buildings that have windows looking outonto the landscape... damn that will make things huge if I just have a bunch of teleports.. any ideas would be hot.
-The big boss himself.. (read my other thread in editing)
-All that scripting (But I can learn)

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sounds cool. i would love to play a truly lovecraftian wad. screenshots?

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