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Doom Organization

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Recently, I began installing all the necessary componets for Doom onto our new computer. After some thought, I justified myself by only having Doom on the computer, and not installing any other game (which seems to satisfy my dad, as a few hundred megabytes is pitiful compared to the large amount of space other games take up). However, I originally configured my files such as this:

Shared Documents: John's Folder: Games: Doom

It was nice and all until I started to download multiple source ports and editors. The different programs conflicted with each other, not to mention caused a clutter of files. I've come up with a solution to the issue, but lack the necessary knowledge to make it work. My current setup is as follows:

Shared Documents
-----John's Folder
--------------Doom Builder

The problem lies in running the IWads through Skulltag and ZDoom without placing them in the same folder and creating multiple copies. Is there a way to edit certain perameters of the sourceports so that they read from the IWad Folder? (And/Or is Google my master?)

Thanks (in advance) for the advice (if any).

Added: Have any programs been created that allow you to access and execute your Doom files in one convienient(s/p) program? It was one of my goals until I gave up on learning computer programming.

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If I'm not mistaken the newer versions of ZDoom and it's derivatives allow you to pinpoint the IWADs in the INI file.

There're a few frontends out there, such as this one.

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Yes, I saw that. Indeed, this was somewhat of a n00b-ish question. I'll admit even after the last four or five years I'm still learning a lot of the basics. Still, for those like me it's somewhat relevant, so I'll just explain it here and if anybody who doesn't know things like this has a question, it's here:

Open up the config file, in my case, ZDoom-Owner, with Notepad and edit the space after "Path=" with the director to where your IWads are. Remember to take out the period.


and Thanks myk.

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