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D3: HoE Double Barreled shotgun screens

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If I may offer my honest opinion?

Ah never mind, I'll just go ahead and say it:

It's a nice model, nice and detailed and good choice of materials, but if we go down and analyze the design, it's not what I'd call a "Doom shotgun" (neither "Doom 3" or "Classic Doom").

1. The barrels are too long - the classic D2 shotgun was a sawed-off and I do think that a reinterpretation needs to at least have barrels that are as short as that of the D3 sb shotgun.

2. The design doesn't really fit the Doom 3 theme too well. The barrels are too plain (compared to the D3 shotgun which has some gadgets on it and stuff) and the overall design too "modern day".

I'm sorry if I seem so harsh, but I do believe that you're looking for some kind of constructive criticism here and I think this needs my honest opinion on the matter.

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I agree with the "too long" argument. While it is actually a decent model and in sclae and all that, it'll look kinda silly on the player. Look at the Serious Sam double barrel shotgun model for reference. Looks sorta silly.

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I think it looks a little too....modern.They should make it look kinda like the Quake 2 DB Shotgun.I think that would fit well with the rest of the Doom 3 Weaponry.

Still looks Nice, and better then I originally expected.

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