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Kristian Ronge

Plutonia map 32 -fast reality (TAS)

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There are 2 kinds of TAS demos. Firstly, there's the kind where time is of the essence: is :08 possible in E1M1? How much quicker than the NM speed COMPET-N record can you exit in this/that map? and so on. Secondly, there's the kind where time is of no importance but instead the accomplishment is in focus. Doing something that is "impossible" to do unassisted.

As much as I like the first category, I like the second category more.

Yesterday, Adrian "RamboBones" Danis released such a demo. A great accomplishment that inspired me to whip up my very first Plutonia demo:

Plutonia map 32 "Go 2 It" done -fast and reality style in 9:59
(notice I also make a point in this demo that time is unimportant...)

If you like the map then why not see what it looks like without the screen ever going red? ;-)

Recorded in Andrey Budko's modified PrBoom 2.2.4; should playback with any doom2.exe-compatible engine. Use "-file plutonia.wad" to run it. Enjoy...

EDIT: Corrected some errors.

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