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"Spider-Man" strikes again

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Then there will be some nut dressed as the green goblin waiting for him at the top of the next building... that's going to be one bizarre obituary.

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yea saw that on the local news today. was trying to get a glimps of the high speed chase in my home town, that lasted a grande total of 3 minutes.

some thiefs where fleeing. one of them was a kid i beat in the side yard of my home. he tried to go round two on my car. instead he got a 15 minute beating from me.
anyways they hit my brother's friends car and that car hit his other car and that car then went through the garage. the kids where 16-18 years old and had been breaking into cars. one of them broke into my car, i think.

like i said one of them was a kid i beat up for trying to break into my car.

to bad spiderman wasn't with me to help.

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