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Hordes of Chaos 3 finished :O

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I've finally finished HOC 3. I've uploaded it for /newstuff this week, but if you want to check it out early, I've put it up at http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hoc3.zip

Screenshots! With descriptions! OMG!

http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hoc3-01.png Map 01 : Monster Mash
A whole lot of monsters here. Interesting gameplay ideas from Vermil and a whole lot of ass-kicing from me :P

http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hoc3-02.png Map 02 : Painville
Yes, it's the map that just wouldn't die. Abandoned Chapel, aka ZUUL, aka Painville. It's turning into a running joke at this point. Maybe I should port it to Strife. Anyway, the gameplay in it is pretty fun, and has some tough spots.

http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hoc3-03.png Map 03 : Hidden Temple
This is the best map in HOC 3, and most likely all of the HOC maps. A lot of varied areas, insane gameplay, tons of monsters and some big surprises. This is one I'm really happy with.

http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hoc3-04.png Map 04 : The Four Rooms
Based on the Black Fortress map by me. This map is not really finished, as you can tell. It needs plenty of work.

http://rydia.net/udder/!crap/hoc3-05.png Map 05 : D'Sparil's Sauna
A large twisting path with some temples and cave areas. Will keep you on your toes. I'm planning to add alot of height variations to the path, right now it's rather flat. I'll leave the final battle a surprise .. :O

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

Good stuff, but please remove the timers. (they ruined the last wad)

Guess why I removed them... :D

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udderdude said:

How'd you do that without breaking the rest of the scripts? :O

I once tried to rework DEACC for the new format. Due to its complexity it is very buggy though but it was sufficient to decompile HOC. After all the scripts are rather simple and short.

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