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map contest

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I have an idea, for some of the maps that will be in freedoom why dont we use winners, or some of the better, maps from contest held here at doom world or doomcenter. Like a few of the first levels be from the 10sectors and hour long contest. other greater boss maps should be done with the week long map contest. Of course we should repair, add, and redo parts that need it. I think this is a great idea becase it gives a more random theme. I think it would be sad to see a crap load of gothic themed leves, or any other single theme throuh out freedoom. I think it would suck if it turned freedoom into free hexen/heritic.
Also has anyone tried that idea out. i personaly dont own hexe/heritic but i would like to own it. I think there should be a project to make free hexen/heritic games as well

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