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can not run doom3 please help

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hi i can not get doom3 to run. after it loads it gives me a error message and then closes the program. i also have problems viewing certain sites. some pictures will not load up example (if i go to mlb.com and click on a game thats in progress) the site will not load up. before i had the same problem with the pricegrabber site but now its loading up fine.

i have p4 3.2, allinwonder 128 9800pro and 1g of memory can someone help thanks

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doom3.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. you will need to restart the program.

an error log is being created.

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Well, there are a million things that can cause Doom3 not to run, just as there are a million things that can cause Windows the screw up. However, if you've noticed your computer is suddenly running slow, programs don't work like they used to, your internet connection is bogged down and certain pages/pictures won't load, it could mean one of these things:

You have a virus/adware/spyware infection
You have a firewall/antivirus blocking pages/pictures/programs
You have a corrupted winsock32 driver (Internet issues)
You have a corrupted Windows install (Internet and program issues)

Best thing I can recommend is reinstalling Windows. You don't have to compeletly format the hard drive, just do a repair installation. If this doesn't work, scan for adware, viruses, and spyware with Norton Antivirus and Ad-aware. As always, if you are having issues with Windows, try closing down all running processes you don't need before running games.

That's all I can think of for now.

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if you dont know about spyware, then chances are strong you have it.

tips to get rid of it

dont use AOL.
never install file share programs. most of these have spyware. however there are "cracked" versions that dont have the spyware.
use mozilla, firefox, netscape or opera for a browser. you would be surprised how well these work and how much they cut down on that junk.
watch what you download!

programs that are great for spyware removal are lavasoft adware and spybot S&D
also AVG is a very good, and free, anti virus. also zone alarms firewall is another exelent choice.

if you're just so bogged down by spyware and viruses then fdisk and format. then do a fresh install.
however if you own an HP or compaq you are shit out of luck. they use a restore partion, i thought restore disks were bad.

other tips.
turn off the restore feature. these often times end up causeing problems and backing up spyware and viruses.
use service pack 2

notes: HP, and compaq, preinstall spyware for you! might as well sence most people are fucking tards. they install a program called "wild tangent" which is a spyware program. so far HP is the only company i know of that does this.

as far as doom goes. make sure that you have nothing overclocked. all drivers up to date and that your memmory is fairly clean.

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