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Saga of Doom

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This would be the first non fan art thread I've made in this forum. Saga of Doom is a song I wrote which basically sumerizes the first Doom game. I wrote it bacause this awesome guitarist I know said he would play to it. It was power metal inspired, but written to be played in the mode of death + thrash metal. Oh and it's in parts; Achilles: Agony and Ecstasy style, boyz!

Part I: A Mastermind's Cruel Scheme

After a millenia of planning
The phochecy will come true
My minions of hell will be coming through
Save your prayers
God won't save you
You're now beyond his reach

They're now forming
Tens of thousands stand ready
Hellbent on your decline
You will submit to my unstoppable force
And take us to your motherland, Earth

Poor impotent fools
If you only knew
Poor incompetent beings
If you only knew...

My tactics are flawless
My plan is set
I shall destroy your whole species
And make you regret your invention of sin

Your numbers will weaken
Your resources will exhaust
There is no escape from my holocaust

Poor impotent fools
If you only knew
Poor incompetent beings
If you only knew...

Part II: Humanity Loses

Man's technologies aren't protected from disaster
Someone not of this world walk among us now
We hoped they brought peace
But that won't be
Demons poor out from the synthetic gate
Bringing with them bloodlust, prejudice and hate

They storm our base
We hold our own
But it's only a matter of time
Until the tables are turned on us

We cannot kill them
Our stradegies don't work
We can't fall back any futher
God forbid if they reach Earth

All the squads are dead
It's a sight of gloom
Everyone's left lifeless and bloodied
Deimos, then Phobos has met it's DOOM

Shadows of evil possess the rooms
And so our world is doomed

Part IIIa: Mankind's Last Lifeline

I hold a grudge on everyone but myself
My own kind betrayed me and left me here
I was once great, but not anymore
I'm isolated from all others, fed scraps and sleep on the floor
And now they need ME?
The irony's bitter sweet
As the last combat elite
It's my way, or the highway -- to abyss

I am Earth's toughest
Hardened in combat and ready for action
But now I face this
What is my reaction?

I heard the radio chatter, I heard the screams
Almost like a hallucination is seems
My plan of action must be exact
I must keep my body and sanity intact

Though I carry only the lightest of gear
My heart doesn't know, or have ever know
The concept of fear

I bare my war dress and ready my weapons
The army of Hell awaits

Part IIIb

Through the corridors I run for my life
No time to regroup
I'll only die

Death follows me all around
In the hallways echo his sound
Ammunition is limited
Supplies are scarce
But for the sake of mankind
I must stay fierce

To survive
I must fight
To stay alive
I kill all im my sight...
I will keep to my wits
'Battle with all my might
I deal death by death
For what I think is right...

Part IIIc

The monsters continue to come from out the cracks
But dispite their efforts, they're still no match
Hell is going down
Its minions on the ground
Pleading for their lives
But they all must die

The dark world now recognizes my threat
It sent its strongest brothers to do me in
However, they had failed
And all will fail
As long as there's still breath in my body
I'll kill 'em all and let the angel of judgement sort them out

Judge, jury, and executioner are the titles I hold
In this lonely god forsaken abode
I burn my way through the waves that stike
I don't stop for rest when day turns to night
But there is no longer a sense of time here
In the now blackened halls I leer

I sense I approach the most powerful evil
As I hear him cry out to me
I climb the mountain to face the mith
There's no turning back now
God give me strength

Part IV: The Cyberdemon

Enter the portal of souls he made
And see the reason they gave him his name
A mangled body of torn flesh and steel
Wire, plumbing, cogs and wheels

His death cry paralyzes his victims
They'll wish for death before he's through
He's Hell's key weapon
And he's coming for you!

[Long, heavy instrumentals as the marine and cyberdemon 'fight']

The master cannot believe it
The impossible has been done
His super solider has fallen
A human being won!

The man tends to his wounds
Letting out a final sigh
He now finds himself facing Hell
He walks on the slipgate pentacle
Without a clue what waits for him[/i]

Part V: Entering Hell

Clouds of sut and stream fill the air
Tortured spirits loom everywhere
Lava burns the rock surface below
He's in Hell's inner circle now
His soul the toll

From the view he can see his former comrads
Burning in eternal fire
He makes an oath to avenge their failure
Even thorugh he's back to square one

The enterance was tough
His weapons were lost
All he has between him and evil
Is his peace keeper

Few have entered willingly
None have left alive
But the determined soldier marches onward

The demon numbers are now much thicker
But nomatter their size, good triumphs
Even in their homeland, the legions fall
'Only one place to go now
Dis -- the metropolis of sin[/i]

[b]Part VI: Showdown

[I didn't want opening lyrics for the ** portion of the song. I perfer if the final showdown is done in heavy instrumentals]

**I admit I admire your determination
But you won't evade my eradication
You have caused me to much greif
Now I must destroy you myself

Do you really think the likes of you can match me?
Not a chance
I'm boarderline immortal now
And even if you do win this duel
Another will take my place
And my followers will follow
You will never look over your shoulder again
And not see my warriors behind you
For every one that you kill
It'll be replaced by two

Many you've sent back into fire's womb
You must pay the price -- Prepare for DOOM!**

[Long instrumentals]

The random hero emerges from the smoke
Battered and brused
He comes out victorious
A portal of escape opens
And he walks through
The words of the mastermind repeat in his head
He knows he'll never feel at peace again

The search teams find his tired body
They're glad a survivor was found
Off they fly into hallow safety
Their Hell is over, for now...

[The End]

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Saga of Doom, that the fuck :P Didn't You read the topic?
Coop-post the MP3 when Your musician makes the tune.

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Coopersville said:

Part I: A Mastermind's Cruel Scheme

[i]After a millenia of planning
The phochecy will come true

phochecy? You don't happen to mean Prophecy?

Coopersville said:

Poor impotent fools


Coopersville said:

Everyone's left lifeless and bloodied


Coopersville said:

I bare my war dress and ready my weapons

Bare? War dress?

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I looked it up in a dictionary and it couldn't find it. and in sweden it would be a word that I doubt anyone would ever use. Unless you're 6 years old and witnessed a massmurder.

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I've seen the word before in other places... but meh. You're gonna keep insisting you're right now matter what I say.

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kristus said:

I am? Ok good to know.

/me strikes Silverwyvern from christmas list.

Good for you.. Now my life is not worth living. The impact of the striking will surely drive the will to live from me.... I'll be laying there.. broken and bloodied..


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Didn't Shakespeare use the word bloodied a couple times? I know he used the word "purpled" which means the same thing, though it's kind of silly.

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