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Sound shaders

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You take your sound, and a soft pencil, "f is good, and then gently rub the side of the pencil over the sound, pressing harder if you want a darker shade.

...Yeah I dunno either.

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Thats one way to do it. But the ACTUAL way to implenting sound shaders is to create a .sndshd(correct spelling?) file. These act like material files, but defines the properties for your sound.

Take a look in pak003.pk4 and see some examples of sound shader files.

The reason for these is because they can be implented directly in your map as its being runned.

For example, run your map(console, map maps/blahblahblah) and then in the console type editsounds. This will bring up a menu. Now assuming you got your .sndshd file working and placed in /sound, you should see your sound within the sound list. Select it and click on drop speaker. This will drop the sound directly into the map and you can edit its properties while running the map at the same time.

But you can still use custom sounds without the use of sndshd files. The only purpose of these is to allow quicker implentation of the sounds. Plus if you didn't use sndshd files, it would require you to more things (eg: select speaker-> edit options -> compile map and run the map.) If you were to add a new speaker to your map, you'll have to save your map and restart it again..

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MaximusNukeage said:

I didnt want to use custom sounds, shaviro's responce was easy enough for some one of my intellegence to understand. thanks any way deathman

Sorry for the mis-understanding, but you can still implent sounds while running the map at the same time.. This method is a lot quicker than having to place a speaker entity yourself and having to load the map.

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