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Can't Find OnyxStar's PrBoom Mod/Help

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I have two questions. 1. Where can I find OnyxStar's PrBoom modification? I know he posted it on this forum, but the link is broken, and when I copy and paste it into the location bar in my browser as suggested, it doesn't work then either. So I was wondering if someone could e-mail me a zip file of it please.

Now for my second question. I know there's a thread at the top of this forum for PrBoom help, but I decided to include in here so I don't make seperate posts.

2. If I run PrBoom v2.2.6 at a screen size bigger than -width 320 -height 200, the game runs extremely slow, even when the realtic_clock_rate is set to a high value. Is there a way to make the game run at normal speed when in fullscreen mode? (Fullscreen as in the game takes up the entire screen like with vanilla Doom, as opposed to fullscreen where there is a huge black border around the gameplay.)

Thanks for your help,

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What's your processor/video card? The software rendering might just be slow on your system. Try 640x480. If that's no good, try the OpenGL version (glboom.exe). How well that works will depend on your video card and stuff.

IIRC (can't verify right now, since I'm at a web cafe), OnyxStar included his TAS version of PrBoom with his hr2 movie run. You can download a copy here.

If you want his walkcam version, then it's here.

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