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The Sigma Core

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Hello all,

I believe it is time for me to unleash my first Single Player level for Doom3. Entitled The Sigma Core, the level presents interesting gameplay scenarios and unique visuals.

Not wasting anytime, here are a couple screens followed by a download.



Download - Fileplanet

Mirror - Boomtown

Mirror - D3Files

Website - The Rocket Depot

Thank you, and enjoy.


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I liked it as much, if not more than most of the id levels. The flashlight defecit made for a really tense start and the architecture was excellent.

Also, the wider variety of enemies used made a nice change from the usual million imps.

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This map is pretty cool, but it needs zombies and some more pistol bullets.

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Fantastic map. I'd say it's professional or professional plus quality.

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This map rules, I love it. I agree about rspeeds though, at one area I was getting about 16 FPS (800x600, medium detail, athlon XP 2500+, radeon 9700 pro)

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