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Just wanted to spread the word about my Doom2 TC.

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My site is http://robotech.mybravenet.com

It's really in it's infancy stages right now, but the ball is gonna get rolling soon.

This conversion is really for anime fans. It's based on the Macross/Robotech cartoon show. I'm taking photo and sound rips from DVD's to make this mod, so when I'm finished, it will be like playing in the cartoon. I wanted it to be really emmersive. I went insane when I saw Fischer's Aliens TC, and ever since then, I've wanted to do the same.

Right now, this mod is going to progress as a normal conversion for the original game, so people can play it with any port. When all that's finished, I'm adding features for ZDoom and hopefully, ZDoomGL. (maybe the bugz will be worked out by then?)

I'm even thinking of modifying the Doom2 source code to get the engine to do what I want, as far as physics and transformations. Does anybody know of a flight-sim mod for any of these engines?

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If it is all going to be the same quality as those pods, this will be one to watch.

Comment on the pods: I am not familiar with the original anime (my anime viewing is very out of date) but the pods seem to lurch up and down an awful lot as they walk. This may be accurate, it may be difficult to avoid, but to someone who doesn't know the originals it looked a bit jerky/odd. I really liked the general look and quality of them though.

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Well, this is the deal:

All I did was take a Quake2 3D model and use screenshots. Doom only needed certain frames from it, so I averaged them out the best I could. The pods are actually supposed to be able to fly in the show, which I want to fix later. Think of them as AT-AT rip-offs. I do! ^_^

Now, later on, when ZDoomGL becomes more stable, I'm going to put in 3D models and the whole bit. But the intent of the game is to look like a cartoon, which can't really be done with newer 3D engines.

My goal is to make the mod just like watching the show. In fact, I'm hoping to have another download available this afternoon that will replace the graphics for the gatling gun. This will give you a good idea of what I'm shooting for.

- Hey, sprites can be put into their own .wad now, right?

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