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Source code for small Microcontroller - Demo

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I am very new at this (I am a hardware guy), but I was wondering where I would look to get some guidence to do a doom demo on a small board running an embedded microcontroller. I do not want to run an OS, just compile a doom version to target the controller (i.e.) Microblaze. I know I would have to manage the memory map etc...I have a demo board I want to run this on. The amount of RAM is fairly small so an OS would not be practical. I have access to limited sound and Video (there is a "pong" demo for this board). I know people have ported doom to different platforms with limited recources. Any guidence would be appreciated.


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Actually, assuming that the controller you describe is capable of running Doom it should be fairly straightforward. The game is split into system-specific and system-nonspecific sections. All you need to do is implement the system-specific part for the board you're using (The I_* files).

Memory management isnt actually an issue because Doom already has its own memory management system. Just point the Zone Memory Allocator (z_zone.c) at a block of memory to use. and tell it how big it is.

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Thanks so much for the reply. I really appreciate it. Now, I have more newbie questions. I am sorry if these are so new that I sound like an idiot... I am a fast learner however. I saw the downloads page, but it seemed the source was specific to certain OSes. So, here are my questions:

1). Is there a general overview on how to compile the code... Like you say the I_* files. Maybe a FAQ or paper. With source?
2). Where can I get the code that would work for this... (sorry for this lame question)

I will continue to look for this as well.

Thanks again!

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