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Fear mongering

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Damnit, it's on on Wednesday... and i'm in work >:(, must find blank video.

Great link btw :)

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I just realised that i threw out the vcr in favour of the dvd player, working from the presumed reality that i don't watch much on TV.
Oh, the fucking irony :(

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fodders said:

Yeh the BBC is running a mini series called The power of nightmares about the fear being generated to push thro new laws etc

i know what you mean. animal rights groups did that BS here and got many pets banned. it started with people having bears, which i know they shouldn't. then it moved towards snakes.
one incident was over a fireman who was bitten by his pet. they made claims it was free in the house and completly blew the story arpart. made it look like he held on heroicly. however he was dead before he got to the hospital and the snake was locked safly in its cage. they got other shit passed too banning all monitor lizards, snakes over 5 feet, some dogs, deer like animals and bears. bears and such where all ready covered under rabis laws and wildlife protection laws. elk, deer and buffalo where added to target local farms that breed these.

its usally the side with the most money that wins. we had little money and could not aford a million dollar lawyer to put a spin on everything.
another incident put people's lives in danger. they had released an alligator in a local park. they had apperently bought it month before from a breeder

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Sephiroth said:

...snakes over 5 feet,

That law must be so easy to get around! Just cut off anything over 5'

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Hey, that's pretty catchy!

fodders said:

That law must be so easy to get around! Just cut off anything over 5'


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DooMAD said:

That's okay, Tetris is evil too. It was invented by communists.

And stolen by capitalists ;)

We all know that Bush is a shitbrick. Why watch more and more material that demonstrates what we already know? Just vote the putz out of office and end it all :P

But I agree on the uber-left and their own spin-doctoring, too. Where I live, there's a muzzle order on all pitbulls. It's bullshit. I don't own one, but I know they're not bad animals. Only the ones which are inbred and abused are.

However, I do agree with the ban on monitor lizards and poisonous snakes - most are endangered species, for one, and monitor lizards have dangerous dental hygiene habits; they basically have staph growing in their mouths - you take a bite from one and you're almost guaranteed blood poisoning.

As a Canadian, our government has its own problems as well, mainly allowing uber-leftists a say when they don't deserve one (e.g. in any situation when the minority's voice overrides that of the majority). Unfortunately, this is not a world where we can summarily execute air-headed fools. Well, North America isn't.

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