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Naked Snake

First Person Shooter Lounge Vol.6

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DOOM:Whoa...I just saw Lara Croft!Her titties are flarking huge!

Caleb:Shes a dyke!

DOOM:Really?Whats yer proof?

Caleb:I asked her out and she said no.

*DOOM and Duke laugh so hard they almost piss and shit themsleves*

Duke:No.It just proves she has taste!

DOOM:Yeah.She went out with me and Duke...and...
*Duke and DOOM say this at the same time*WE HIT THAT SHIT!


Duke:We have videos.Ill show mine.
*Duke puts in porno*


Duke:Shake em baby.Its good to be you...OH!!!

Lara:3 minutes?DOOM was better!
*Tape ends*

DOOM:Heh!I am the love machine.I used my BFD and used a BFC!


DOOM:Big friggin condom and Big friggin dong!

*DOOM thinks of Lara and he pops wood.His BFD hits Caleb,knocking him out the window.Caleb falls 12 stories and lands on the heritic guys car*

DOOM:I got a BFL!

Duke:Big friggin Long-schlong?

DOOM:No...big friggin lawsuit!

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man...how do you come up with this stuff ?
it's instant ? or do you think this over night ?

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Cool! What will Corvus do to Caleb now that Caleb crushed his car? I'd think Corvus would just run over Caleb, or better yet use a morph ovum on him and then crush caleb!

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