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new admins

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Very briefly: I have very little time to dedicate to the project and there are interested people relying on me and fraggle and others to keep it going, and we're not providing.

I'm looking for volunteers to take the roles of administrators at sf.net and hopefully also have access to the FTP (to be negotatied with the ftp master).

Anyone who fancies taking the reins please reply or mail me at spambox@alcopop.org and I'll sort it out.

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I would love to as the project rocks, but I've gotten out of doom atleast for the next while. Has there been an item about this in the doomworld news?

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What would such an admin have to do?

I'd also like to see the new page be made available to the public, but it's not yet finished, is it? I've had an account to access the Freedoom web page source for some time now, but I'm rather lost of what is left to do. Is there any to-do list or something?

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The TODO list is roughly http://freedoom.sourceforge.net/newfreedoomsite.html . The new site design is at http://freedoom.sourceforge.net/newsite/

Basically the admin would have utter control over the project, I'd say :)

There's not much to do to the new site, just some of the content needs to be ported across, mainly in the contributors section. Yeah, I gave you and Fredrik accounts, you corrected some stuff as I recall, please feel free to help out :)

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Fredrik said:

I'd help, but I know what has happened to every project I've administered in the past.

Well thats the worst-case scenario.. which is what will happen if nobody comes forward ;)

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