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Hi all,
I'm a total newbie when it comes to creating and editing levels in Doom 3 so this is probably a really dumb question.
If I group together a set of brushes for easy manipulation using func_group, when I try and compile (dmap) my level it gives me an "entity reached from outside" or some such error, and it's not until I ungroup (Ctrl-K) all the brushes, which seems to be both pointless and tedious, that I can compile the map. These are definitely not leaks by the way, my level is "watertight"
What I am doing wrong?

Great level editor by the way...I just waved goodbye to social and sleep time. Even gave up the poker for a bit!

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func_group was used back in the Quake days, and is not used in Doom3 at all, so expect to get an error if you try to use it.

Instead use func_static. Have your brushes highlighted and right click then func->func_static. However, these brushes will turn into an entity, so be careful.

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