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Sgt Crispy's New World

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Sgt Crispy, somewhat famed creator of Doom Radio, has opened up his own domain, sgtcrispy.com. It's a very uh...minimalist design. Be on the lookout for the last (!) Doom Radio show .soon.

Update 11-05: Sgt Crispy has uploaded his last show. You can get it at his site, or the mirror here.

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I'm not a l337 web creator so I think this design will work jsut fine for the time being.

Yes, the LAST show. All will be explained in the show, which should be up either late tonight or tomorrow.

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Well, I listend to some, and they were great....too bad they're gone....

Wait a sec....

I've got a web-cam....


Videotame me playing doom....

people watching my progress though the game and it's many mods.....

goes to look for file hosting sites

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Sorry about the double post, but I didn't watch the last one because of an error. Can you just tell us why you quit? So we don't have to listen to the radio?

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