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ZDaemon demos can now be hosted at Challenge-tv.com!

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Those of you that follow the competitive gaming scene have undoubtedly heard of Challenge-TV.com. They're the biggest site for hosting demos of great competitive games.

Quake III Promode and QuakeWorld owe much of their competitive communities' demo supply to challenge-tv, and of course they host tons of other games' demos, too.

They specialize in fast-paced, hardcore shooters -- and I've been fortunate enough to work there for the past several months.

Today -- after a long time of waiting -- we have OFFICIAL CHALLENGE-TV SUPPORT for hosting ZDaemon demos.

No weird ftps, no asking for permission for someone else to host the demo, NO WAITING LINES, and virtually limitless amounts of storage.

This will make availability of ZDaemon demos -- and uploadability -- as good as it can POSSIBLY get.

I'm in the process of sending all the DDD demos over there as we speak.

gg ch-tv -- you rock.

I'll be posting this news on a few other DOOM internet hubs as well, so don't be surprised. This news is that big and beneficial. I'm so happy right now it's ridiculous. :)

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They used to have doom2 demos.
not many, but I think it was excised during one of their mass deletion phases.

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I personally would like to see those demos posted. I will see what I can do about getting that to happen, but there are some rather obvious problems with it. Trust me though, I will see what I can do about it.


One, how many people play DOOM II dm these days? Ten?

Two, doom2.net already hosts (and exists as) the archive of DOOM II dm demos. That, and barely anyone would ever post demos there, because the ten people that actually play DOOM II dm actively almost never post demos, even on doom2.net. To get new Oce demos, I have to go get him on IRC and ask him -- generally numerous times. :D The point is, these people don't even want to post doom2.exe demos. Well, Dev might.

Three -- The Windows 98 problem. Who isn't on XP these days? The only gamers that aren't on XP (just about) are the C-N guys and the Doom2.exe dm guys. :) I consider myself one of them, but what I'm saying is, it's kind of a moot point when

a)nobody (but a few of us) plays doom2.exe/records games
b)the people that do almost never intend to post those demos anywhere
c)no one can play those demos/nobody on ch-tv is going to be bothered to learn about prBoom or whatever.

Once again -- I will look into it, but I'm not the boss. :)

We'll see!

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I'm not on XP, I run Linux. Doom2.exe works perfectly. :)

The Zap! guys (Sedlo and fx, mainly) used to post all their demos on their clan homepage, didn't they? What happened to those?

I made quite a lot of doom2.exe demos last year or the year before with slagboom, all of which we posted somewhere (I think dang or compet-n misc or something), which you're welcome to if anyone has copies. I lost mine in a hard disk related incident.

There's also the bunch of ones I got from Pat Hook a couple of years back, old-skool stuff, which several people have copies of. I'm sure there are others lying around as well - ask Anders Johnsen if you can, he was making a big archive.

I'm sure with all of those it's a worthwhile collection. And you don't need doom2.exe to WATCH them, you can use prboom or eternity, which work just fine on just about any operating system you're likely to run.

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Mogul said:

c)no one can play those demos/nobody on ch-tv is going to be bothered to learn about prBoom or whatever.

If they can be bothered to learn how to use Zdaemon, then they can learn how to use Prboom or Eternity just as easily. What's the problem? It's the same concept (i.e. using a different exe in place of Doom2.exe).

Moreover, prboom supports dragging and dropping of lmp files (not all ports do), making it about as easy as it could be to watch demos.

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