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ZDoom Text / Print Question

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I have three questions in regard to the subject.

One: Is it possible to move standard messages (You picked up a shotgun, You got a Yellow Key, etc.) to the bottom of the screen? If so what would the coordinates be like to print it directly above the standard status bar? I'd like it in the bottom left corner in relativity to the status bar to be more precise.

I figured this message display is internal so may not be available for change in that manner, but I asked anyway.

Two: What are the exact coordinates to print a special statement(PrintBold) with a special color in the center? Does the below statement look right?

"... 5.0, 0.50, 6, 0.05, 5.0"

And finally, how do you change the map name as it appears in the automap and at the statistics screen?

Thank you for your time.

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I appreciate the response.

The final question is can I move the standard printed messages to the bottom left of the screen rather than the upper left? I'm not sure if this is possible but I figured I'd ask anyway.

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I have one more ...

Is it possible to create a script that will play through all 32 maps without creating a hub? For example, I created a script that prints "You got the Shotgun!" whenever you pick up a shotgun. Now is it possible to have that one script execute through the entire game (each time I pick up a shotgun it plays) or do I have to recreate that script for each map?

The confusion came in regard to how I should reference it. The shotgun would execute Script 1 in Map01, but Script 1 was something completely different in Map02, unless I create it again. Therefor I asked about a "world" script. A link would work as well.

Thank you for your time and I apologize for being a bother.

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