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Map making

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I am currently out of ideas for levels

1. Can somebody come up with a so-so idea, please

2. I can also make a map in a megawad project, if anyone needs help with that, i know all about how to edit in: Zdoom/Legacy/Doom2/Doom/Boom


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Build a vast torn apart hellish Episode 1 map.
The player has to kill some Imps,
find a spaceport,
find some keycard which is hidden behind a lot lost UAC machine,
find a rocket launcher which is hidden behind two power generator and
find a plasma gun

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hahaha, thats from that idea maker on wadsinprogress.info...

But it was still pretty good, i might use it

Is there any megawad project that needs a map, i can make one

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PumpkinSmasher said:

Isn't that kind of an oxymoron, as no Episode One map is hellish.

Ph33r teh power of random!

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I said in another thread:
... how about one where you're on a demonic spaceship, and it's headed towards Earth, and it's really heavily defended, and of course it's up to you and you alone to stop the demonic menace yada yada yada. There'd be a lot of skintek, tekwall4, blood and Satanic imagery, not to mention lots of dead bodies and hanging corpses. Oh and some wall consoles that are leaking blood, lots of bleeding pipes, chunks of wall broken off to reveal glowing machinery intertwined with lots of flesh and blood and a lot of flashing lights, like the demons just half-assed the lighting. That's always cool.

Read the above

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