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Shadow-Caster (Weapon Idea)

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This is an idea for a weapon I came up with earlier while playing Twisted Metal 2 (aaaah, the carnage). I thought I'd post it here for some opinions on it.

It'd be an non-man-made weapon, like the SoulCube or the Fleshgun (from Doom64). Rare even. The idea is that the weapon shoots a large, semi-transparent skull, that for the most part, you can only see by the shadow it casts while it's flying through the air. The projectile would explode on impact. I'm not sure what kind of explosion. It would probably be about the power of a Revenant's missle, if not a bit more damage. If you can't really create an image of that, imagine it like this: You're going down a corridor in a deathmatch. The opponent is hiding in the dark at the other end waiting to ambush you, behind some crates. You suspect that there may be someone back there, so you pull out the Shadow-Caster and fire at the corner. The opponent never see's anything coming but hears some slight demonic whispering, because the skull is transparent. However they notice an odd shadow coming towards them and notice the whispering is rapidly growing louder, but don't see anything. Then BAM. They're dead. They've been in combat damage prior to the encounter and are low on health, and you just finished them off with a stealth weapon, beating them at their own game.

Based on the previous scenario, you can guess that it would most likely be a DM-based weapon. If it were to be made, I suppose it could work in Doom 3, but it'd be a weapon that'd have to have a map, scripts, etc., based around it (probably having to do with retrieving or finding it or something on that order and escaping, like the Soulcube). I'm working on some concept sketches of what the weapon might look like. Would anyone be interested in attempting to model such a thing? I have no experience in modeling, at all. But I thought the idea was good enough that I would present it here, if anything to raise interest in the idea and get some opinions on the idea for the weapon.

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