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Using DEH to swap actors from monsters.wad

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I want to take this wonderful wad and create a deh file that will allow me to swap various monsters from it into regular doom wads. For instance, I can see that actor 3120 is the Afrit. Suppose I wanted to replace the Baron of Hell with this one. What would I do?

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Most of these monsters use features that are ZDoom exclusive so any attempt to use them elsewhere is doomed to fail anyway. The Afrit is one of the most obvious ones.

If you want to use some to replace stock monsters in ZDoom maps just change the editor numbers in the included DECORATE lump to the one of the monster you want to replace. That will give a warning but work anyway. But be careful that you don't replace monsters that create special actions (like the Barons in E1M8.) Those won't work anymore.

And don't even think about Dehacked. You can't modify these monsters with it.

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