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How to Make up Titles Completely

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Pablo Dictter sends word that he's updated his site with a new Heretic level, How to Disappear Completely. He also notes that he's working on a 3-level series for Strife, as well as making some Doom 2 maps with Tobias Münch.

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These headlines just get worse and worse.

Good to see some strife mappage going on though. Hopefully svstrife will come along a bit more and we'll see some nice custom strife-age going on.

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omg Heretic map :O

It's pretty cool, ********ly different from the usual Heretic stuff. It's cramped and has alot of passages, and not many monsters considering the size.

My biggest complaint is it's just too damn big. I don't think I could play through this huge cave map in one sitting, considering how long and similar-looking it is.

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I finished the level with the timer just over 13 minutes, without finding all of the secrets. Interesting map... claustrophobic gameplay, but never completely overbearing, with a bit of exploration to keep me entertained. I was confused by the ending, but that could be attributed to me not having played the previous entries in the series. I'm going to take care of that next. Good job. :)

EDIT: oh yeah, word of advice, since I found this out the hard way. Some of the lava pools deal damage like heretic usually does, while at least one other is instant death. Ouch.

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spank said:

A Heretic level named after a Radiohead song, cool!

Yes, I'd like to see Thom Yorke torn to shreds by a swarm of imps as well.

.. uh, wait, what were we talking about?

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