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Welcome (Please read before posting)

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Welcome to the XWE forum.

XWE homepage
Main Mirror downloads (latest full version and latest beta)

You can use this forum to request new features, report bugs, etc. I cannot promise that I will implement every request.

You can also request support for new games/game data files, but I already have a long list. If you would like to see support for a particular game, please provide a download link to the game (or a demo), or send me the data files in question.

If you find bugs in XWE, first of all please make sure you are using the latest version. The latest version is currently 1.16. In your description, try to include the following:

- your operating system
- the details of WAD file you are working on
- try to re-create the bug, and document the steps you have taken

Have fun!

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