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Tei Tenga Refinery finished.

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I have finally finished Tei Tenga Refinery for Zdoom 2.0.93. I have finalised the addon former humans from the Monsters Resource wad, and I have added a new monster, the Boss Spectre. He is a little bigger than the standard spectre and has a nasty bite.

I have just uploaded it to /idgames/incoming so it should be linked in the /newstuff news soon. This map requires Zdoom 2.0.63A or later to function and the humans.wad from the Monsters Resource wad. The new monster uses the standard Spectre as a base so he will not conflict with the afforementioned resource wad at all.

This level has some good scripting and is well worth the download. 434KiloBytes.

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Heh, what a coincidense, I also made a map based in "The Refinery" from the DOOM bible.

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