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Corrupted Marine

i get so far and then i go blank

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While im working on my megawad, sometimes i get a rush of inspiration. Then i begin a level, so far the level's goin great, i get about 30% done, and then.... I basically black out and i just basically end up dumping the level. does anyone else go blank like this? It seems like its not normal. But im very good at making the levels, i mean, my levels are always super detailed, and have plenty of cool zdoom effects. so can anyone give me tips on how i can actually complete my levels?

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I suffer from something of a short attention span with mapping/modding as well. The way I used to deal with it was by working on about 3 projects at once, rotating to a different project when ideas for one would start getting depleted. Usually found that going back later, I could pick up the flow again and continue on.

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well, if i build small, non detailed levels, i get em done in like 30 min at most, and i can finish 'em. but, with the very large detailed levels it takes like a whole week most times, and if i used that technique you just mentioned it could take me like months, if i did it off and on like that. every time i get inspired, like when i play other video games and i think "hmmm, that effect would be cool with zdoom..." and i go and then the mapping flows for about 30 min. then i stretch and yawn... "ok... this level is cool... i guess... hmmm... what now... i know, maybee if i go get a drink itll refresh my memory, yeah i just need a break thats all..." but i never finish it and dump the idea and go straight into another. its getting annoying too, considering the fact that its been 4 months since ive finished a full size doom level. :( im thinkin my doomin days are over...

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