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"Invalid GIF signature"

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XWE (1.14) is unable to read/display the SFLR6_1 and SFLR7_1 flats from DOOM2.WAD; instead, it gives an "Invalid GIF signature" error.

A bug?

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Yes it is, thanks for catching it. With this version, GIF support went back in quietly.

Unfortunately there's also another serious bug that got left in, I'll post it right now so it's known:

When importing patches in one-step (by double-clicking the PATCHES Filter Toolbar button), when XWE has to add the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lump in the same step, it sometimes fails. (Just create a new, empty file and import one texture, it will happen.) It's not very fatal; it won't really mess up the file, it will just stop "in the middle". If the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps already exist in the file, it won't happen, and everything will be fine.

Anyway, I will have to put out a new bugfix release very soon, which includes the above two problems fixed, plus about 5-6 smaller ones so far. Plus anything else you guys will notice, so please be merciless in testing, and try to break XWE. (It's probably best if you experiment on test WADs, just in case something goes wrong.)

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