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FPS Issues, GeForce 6800

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Just bought Doom 3, also just bought a brand new GeForce 6800 as well.
Upgraded from a GeForce FX 5700 LE, the Doom 3 Demo played OK with that card. The full version plays well, but not so much as I expected. Still average 50-60 FPS and in some cases 20-30 FPS. I refuse to play at low settings, I am stubborn when it comes to details. I currently play with the graphic settings set on high. If I crank it up to ultra high, it gets real jumpy with an average FPS of 20-30. Any ideas to improve the fluidity of my game play? My system specs are in my sig, that is if it shows up. If not, I'll type them here anyway.

Athlon 64 3000+
512Mb DDR400, CAS:3
GeForce 6800 128Mb
Latest ForceWare Drivers
Windows XP Home w/SP2
Doom 3 with latest patch

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

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Ultra High is only designed for 512MB cards, which don't exist; some 256MB cards can run it OK. Your card is only 128MB, so the highest you should be running is High quality. Even then, High is supposedly designed for cards with 256MB of memory, but I ran it in 800x600 on my Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB just fine.

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wel the game will only run up to 60 fps so if your getting that, then all is good.
with high quality settings you should be in the 40 to 60;s.
i run a similair set up to you but not a 64 cpu and i run d3 timedemo at these:

ultra high quality = 44.3
high quality = 62.9
and low quality = 83.8 but so gross i would never run the game that way.
i played a few levels at ultra and it was fine, every once in a while when a door opens it would hang a sec but then it was all good again.
also at those settings i had my windows settings for the vid card set to highest quality and aa on 16x and fsaa on 4x.
and the beta 4.12' catalyst drivers which have so far been the fastest ati drivers ive used.

try the latest detonator drivers for your card, or look on guru3d.com for nvidia drivers in the download section, i think there is a doom3 specific fix driver if im not mistaken, i know there was an ati one anyway.

i run a
p4p 800 deluxe
3.2 p4e 800 fsb 1 mbL2
1 gig corsair xms 3200 llpt
ati x800 xt platinum edition
soudblaster live 5.1
western digital raptor 10k rpm sata 150 38 gig
antec 550 watt psu
and a bunch of other crap

3dmark 05 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=277986 6,238 pts

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